How to add signature in Outlook [Works for all versions]

The Outlook provides the feature to add a signature while sending a new email, replying or forwarding to any email. The signature can be personalized and provides flexibility to add images and hyperlinks to your Outlook signature.

In this article, you will know how to add a signature in Outlook. The steps will work on any version of Outlook, be it office 365, 2019 or any older version.

Steps to add Signature in Outlook:

  1. Open a new email.
  2. Under the Signature menu, click on Signatures…
    Outlook Signature

  3. The “Signatures and Stationery” window opens.
    Under the E-mail Signature tab, select New. If you already have a signature, select the signature and click on Edit.
    On the right side, under “Choose default signature”, the email account is displayed on which you are adding the signature.
    Add Signature in Outlook

  4. In the new pop up, add the name of your signature.
    If you have multiple signatures, then the name will help you identify them from the signature list.
    Create New Signature

  5. Write the signature in the Edit signature area as highlighted below and select OK.
    Edit the Signature

This is how a signature panel looks like after you configure the signature.
Edit or Add Signature in Outlook

If you want to change the signature in Outlook, select the signature from the list (shows a list of all, if you have multiple signatures configured) and in the below “Edit signature” panel modify it. Then click on the Save button to have your updated signature in place.

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Microsoft provides flexibility to add images and hyperlinks to your signatures. Let me explain the different yellow highlighted fields.

New messages: Select the signature that you want to add in the new email messages.
Replies/forward: The signature selected under this option adds the signature when you reply or forward an email message.

Often we want to have a shorter signature while replying/forwarding an e-mail and a full signature while sending a new e-mail. You can configure separate signatures each for “New messages” and “Replies/forward” by selecting different signature in the respective field and press OK.

Insert Business CardInsert a business card to your Outlook email.
Insert ImageUse this icon if you want to add images to your signature.
Insert HyperlinkInsert hyperlink to any text or images in the signature.

Inserting a hyperlink to text or image in Outlook signature helps the recipient to visit your page at just one click. Adding a link to your image is often used for social media icons or company logo in the Outlook signature.

Here is the step by step guide to do so.

Add hyperlink to images in Outlook signature:

  1. Open the Signatures window.
  2. Select the image on which you want to insert a hyperlink and click on Insert Hyperlink icon.
    You can select a piece of text as well to insert a link on it.
  3. The “Text to display” value is updated based on your selection in the signature.
    – If an image is selected, then it shows <<Selection in Document>>.
    – In case, a text is selected, it shows the text. The text becomes the anchor text in the signature holding the link.

  4. Enter the URL in the Address field.
  5. Press OK.

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Add GIF image to Outlook signature:

Adding GIF animated images into your Outlook signature is the same as inserting an image.

  1. Open the signature that you want to edit.
  2. Click on Insert Image icon and select the GIF image from your computer.
    Note: You can resize the image by holding any corner of the image.
  3. Click on OK.

This is how you can add signature in Outlook, insert an animated GIF image and add a hyperlink to any image in Outlook signature.

Happy learning 🙂

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