How to Check Android Version of your Phone

In the market, almost every year we see a new Android version launched from Google. If you see the history all the major versions of Android are followed by a minor version with various bus fixes and improvements.

On top of this, the OEMs update the Android version after doing company-specific customizations. This often becomes difficult to keep track of the Android version of your smartphone.

Here we will know how to check the Android version of your phone irrespective of any manufacturer.

Steps to check Android version:

  1. Go to Settings on your phone.
  2. Open System option.
    System Menu in Settings
  3. There will option for About phone.
    About Phone option

    In some mobiles, the About phone can be present directly under the Settings.
  4. Look for Android version
    Check Android Version

There it is. In my phone, the Android version is 9 i.e. Pie.
Find Out Android Version

This is how you can find out the Android version on your phone.

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