How to use Column Mode Editing in Notepad++

If you are a developer, then it’s obvious that you must be using Notepad++. Notepad++ is one of the best text editors out there, I say the best because of its huge functionalities and plugin base. This post explains one such highly used functionality “Column Mode Editing in Notepad++” that increases productivity and efficiency while editing data in multiple rows in one shot.

The Column Mode editing in Notepad++ makes you to select multiple columns and you can cut, copy, paste any text including typing text in multiple rows at a time. The column mode edit selects a rectangular zone in the view.

Enable Column Mode Editing in Notepad++:

  • For keyboard: Alt + Shift + Arrow keys
  • For Mouse: Alt + Mouse selection

Keep the cursor at the starting point and while pressing the Alt key, drag the mouse or use either the keyboard arrow keys to select text in column mode.

Column Mode Editing in Notepad++
Column mode editing in Notepad++

If you want to see the option in Notepad++, you can go to Edit > Column Mode...

That’s all. I hope you are now able to make use of the Column Mode editing in Notepad++ which is very handy especially for developers.
Do share your thoughts in the comment section for other fellow readers. Cheers!

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