3 Working Methods to Copy Paste in Turbo C++

In this article, you will know how to copy paste in Turbo C++ and all the possible ways to do it. This includes the copy-paste of code from notepad to Turbo C++ and then copy the output from Turbo C++ to notepad.

Turbo C++ is an IDE developed by Borland and is a very old compiler. It uses a platform-independent UNIX environment for development which means it does not matter which operating system you are using. Using Turbo C++ on Windows, Linux, and any other modern-day operating system, it’s really frustrating as it won’t support the functionality provided by these operating systems.

Programmers mostly use modern-day IDEs like Eclipse, Visual Studio, or Dev-C++. These IDE’s are much more user friendly and equipped with more functions and capabilities than the Turbo C++ compiler.

Still, if you want to use Turbo C++ then no one going to stop you. Programmers who use Turbo C++ compilers generally face one common issue that they are not able to copy-paste code in Turbo C++ compiler. It is weird, right?

On Windows, you simply use Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V shortcut keys to copy-paste any content. And this functionality of Window is supported by almost all recently developed IDEs. But as I said, Turbo C++ is an ancient one and does not support this Windows functionality.

So, are we not able to copy-paste code in Turbo C++ at all?
The answer is no. There are other ways that will help you copy-paste from outside to Turbo C++ or from Turbo C++ to outside.

Here you will know three different methods to copy-paste in the Turbo C++ compiler.

Different ways to copy paste in Turbo C++:

Method 1: Copy the codes from outside of Turbo C++

Step 1:

  • Create File in Turbo C++
  • The first thing to do is to create a file in Turbo C++.
  • Open Turbo C++.
  • Go to the File menu and select the New option to create a new file.
    File New in Turbo C++

  • Once the file is created again go to the File menu and click on Save option.
    Save File in Turbo C++

  • Type the name of the file and click on OK.
  • By default Turbo c++ stores these files in the BIN folder of the installation.
  • Close Turbo C++.

Step 2:

  • Copy Paste code in the file.
  • Go to the BIN folder of Turbo C++, select file → Right Click, and open file with Notepad++ or you can use any other text editor.
    Copy Paste Code in Turbo C++

  • Copy and Paste the required code in the file using normal Windows function that is Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V and save the file.

Step 3:

  • Restart Turbo C++.
  • Open Turbo C++ again. Go to the File menu click on Open.
    Open a File in Turbo C++

  • Go to file location → Select File → Click Open.
    Open a cpp file in Turbo C++

Open file will have code that we added outside in the file.

In this way, you can modify the file outside of Turbo C++ and get the required code copy-pasted in the file. It looks a little bit of complicated process but if you have a lengthy code then it is easier than rewriting again.

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Method 2: Copy-paste code inside the Turbo C++ using menu options

If you have already written code in another file and you want to use that code or part of that code in the current file then you can copy-paste inside Turbo C++ by using the menu options. Here are the steps to do so.

Step 1: Open the file from which you want to copy code and select the code snippet.
Step 2: Go to the Edit menu and click Copy.
Copy in Turbo C++

Step 3: Go to file where you want to paste the copied code.
Go to the Edit menu and click on Paste.
Paste in Turbo C++

In this way, you can copy-paste code in Turbo C++ using menu options.

Method 3: Copy paste in Turbo C++ using shortcut keys

You can also use shortcut keys to copy-paste code in Turbo C++. Normal Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V of Windows functions will not work in Turbo C++.

  • Select the code using the mouse cursor.
  • Press Ctrl + Ins to copy selected code.
  • Open the file where you want to paste the copied code.
  • Press Shift + Ins to paste the copied code on to the destination.

Note: These shortcut keys will work only when you have both files opened in Turbo C++. If you want to copy code from the file from outside of Turbo C++ then go for the first method.


It’s a very rare situation where windows copy paste functions won’t work. But there are always alternative solutions and workarounds available. We hope this information is useful for you and you got solution for copy paste in turbo c++. Please share your experience in the
comment section.

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