How to Set App Lock in Redmi 12

This post we know how to set app lock in redmi 12 model. If you can follow below instructions properly you can set your redmi 12 device app lock.

What is App Lock in Redmi 12

Xiaomi frequently releases new smartphone Redmi 12 models with various features, and these features including App Lock. However, “App Lock” is a common feature found in many smartphones, including redmi devices. App Lock allows on your smartphone with a password, PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition, depending on the security options available on your device. If the Redmi 12 does indeed have an App Lock feature, you can typically find it in the phone’s settings or security settings.

How to Set Screen Lock in Redmi 12

How to Set App Lock in Redmi 12

Here we gave few simple steps, Follow below instructions.


(1) Open the “Setting” app: Go to your phone home screen and click setting icon.

(2) Apps: Scroll down in the Settings menu and select “Apps”.

(3) App Lock: Then click on App Lock.

(4) Turn On: After open app lock then click “Turn on”.

(5) Then select on “Not now” option.

(6) Then click on below left corner “Not now”.

(7) Set your app lock (eg: Pin, pattern and password) : Put lock in two time then click done.

(8) Then select which app you want lock and click on “Use app lock”.

(9) After that option show in screen add fingerprint option but you select “Cancel” option.

After that app lock will activated for the selected apps. Whenever you or someone are tries to open these apps, you will be prompted to enter the PIN, pattern or password you set up.

How to Disable App Lock in Redmi 12

If you want disable the App Lock on a redmi 12 device, you can follow these general steps.
(1) Open Setting: Go to main menu Open the “Settings” app.
(2) Tap apps: Tap on “Apps” option.
(3) Open App Lock: Look for the “App Lock” and You may be prompted to enter your PIN or password.
(4) In this App Lock section, you should see a list of apps that are currently locked. To disable these Lock apps, simply toggle off the switch next to that app’s name.

After these simply steps you will disable you device app lock.

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