Difference between Java and JavaScript

If you are looking for the difference between Java and JavaScript, we will explain everything you need to know when it comes to differences. 

Java and JavaScript are two different programming languages with different capabilities and usage. While the use of word java in both of them is confusing for some people, they are not the same. To put simply – java is a general-purpose programming language like any other programming language like C/C++ while JavaScript is programming (or scripting as some might say) language for the web.

Many differences can be put forward if you are interested in counting the differences. For those who want to understand if they are brother or sister languages – the answer is a strict NO.

Yes, they do complement each other well and many web-based applications developed are being developed using both Java and JavaScript, with each of them doing the job they are good at.

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Java vs JavaScript:

Often you will see web applications that have java supporting its server-side responsibilities like session management, security, business logic, etc. developed using frameworks like Spring; and JavaScript are used for creating responsive, interactive UI elements of web pages. 

Following is a highly simplified version of a web application architecture developed using Java and JavaScript.

Difference between Java and JavaScript

Note: The above diagram is just for typical illustration and doesn’t hold relevance in all the cases. There are single-page applications being developed these days using frameworks like Angular which use Typescript (a superset of JavaScript).

Still looking for a table of difference between JavaScript and Java…


Java JavaScript
It is a general-purpose programming language like any other programming language like C/C++. Owing to its versatility and robustness, it is practically used for all purposes. It is a programming language used mostly for client-side scripting and web page development.
Java is highly object-oriented and all practical Java applications bring OOPS in use. JavaScript is mostly procedural with some support for object-oriented and functional programming.
A Java program has to be compiled and the generated bytecode is executed on a compatible Java Virtual Machine(JVM) which needs to be installed as per the operating system. A JavaScript program doesn’t need to be pre-compiled and can be interpreted by the web browser on the fly. A JavaScript program can also be directly executed like shell script provided a JavaScript platform like nodejs. 

Above are the core differences between java and JavaScript while a dozen more can be added to the table depending upon various factors.


Now the question is Java or JavaScript?

If you are still wondering, let me clarify. The comparison between Java and JavaScript is not a valid one as both of them serve different purposes. While programmers use Java to develop server side logic; JavaScript is used to develop the front-end of the web application.

I hope, you are now clear on the difference between Java and JavaScript.

Happy learning 🙂

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