MyFolders Review: An amazing free tool to increase efficiency

MyFolders, do not get confused with the folders in Windows. The MyFolders software is a Windows Explorer shell extension that adds shortcuts for regularly used actions as part of your daily activities such as cut, copy, paste, and browses through different directories thus saving a lot of time.

Download MyFolders:

MyFolders software for Windows is a free tool that you can download from its official website. As always, we recommend to download only from trusted sources, else there is a probability you my end up with malware attack.

Whats so special about MyFolders?

MyFolders is an extension for Windows Explorer which puts together the frequently used Windows actions to increase productivity and save time. If you are working with files and directories more often then probably this can be the best companion to save a ton of time.

You will know the features of MyFolders in this article in order to understand it better and try it out on your computer.

How to configure MyFolders?

Configuring MyFolders is really simple and once any folder is configured for quick access, the folder becomes available for all features in MyFolders.

To open the configuration windows, search “Configure MyFolders” in the Windows search or right-click anywhere on the screen and select MyFolders → Settings…

Configure MyFolders

Add/Remove your favorites folders and click on Done to save the settings. You can use “Add Separator” button to organize your favorites folders.

1. Copy to

You can configure the frequently used folders in the MyFolders settings. With the “Copy to” feature, you can copy any file to a commonly used directory defined in the settings.
Right-click on a file or select multiple files and right-click then follow MyFolders → Copy to → <folder path> to copy the files instantly without opening the target folder and pasting manually.

Copy to in MyFolders

If the target folder is not configured already, then click on the Folder… option and browse to the target folder. The MyFolders prompts if you want to only copy the file or copy and add the path to your favorites.

Note: To copy any files to the Windows installed drive, you need to have admin rights.

2. Move to

Just like the “Copy to”, you can use the “Move to” option to replace the Windows cut and paste feature. MyFolders does the same thing in the background but for you it is just one step and you do not need to open the target folder to paste the file(s).

Right-click on any file(s)/folder(s) and select MyFolders → Move to → <select the target folder> to cut and paste the file in the favorite folder.

Move to in MyFolders

You can configure the favorite folders in the “Configure MyFolders” option. In case the favorite folder is not configured, you can choose the Folder… option and select the destination directory.

3. Go to

The “Go to” feature is what I like the most. Instead of opening a folder again and again, if you add that folder to your favorites, you can open it almost instantly. This feature is very helpful if you have a hierarchical folder structure.

Right-click anywhere in the Windows Explorer and select MyFolders → Go to → Target folder to instantly open any folder. Configure your frequently used folders as favorites to use this feature appropriately.

Go to in MyFolders

4. Open command window in

You can open command prompt in just one click with your favorite folder as the default directory in cmd screen. Using this feature, you can save some time of opening command prompt then enter a change directory (cd <directoty path>) command.

Right-click anywhere in the Windows Explorer and select MyFolders → Open command window in → Any folder to open the Windows command screen in the selected folder.

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5. Copy path

The “Copy path” is something you may not use regularly but if you want to copy the path of any folder that is already configured as favorite, you can right-click anywhere on the Windows Explorer and select MyFolders → Copy path → Favorite folder.

6. Add current/selected folder(s)

If you want to add a folder to the favorites, instead of adding it in the configuration wizard, you can right-click on the folder and select MyFolders → Add current/selected folder(s). Similarly, you can remove the current to selected folder by right-clicking and selecting MyFolders → Remove current/selected folder(s).

Is it worth installing?

Yes, this is one of the simplest tool designed to increase efficiency and save time.

If you are frequently using your computer for personal use to professional use to cut-copy-paste, then probably this will be the best free software to save a lot of time and effort. With MyFolders, accessing the common folders becomes easy and is achievable by just one click.

Final words:

Being a simple tool MyFolders target to reduce the browsing time in Windows Explorer that everyone does to copy paste a file. Without MyFolders, you would have copied the file, then open the target folder and paste it. Now think about MyFolders. Simply right click on the file and paste in your favorites folder of wherever you want by browsing the destination folder. Is not this easy and simple?

Do let us know about this tool if you are using and how it is affecting your daily work in home or office.


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