[FIX] [pii_email_abafcc5c9ecd7e483ccb] Outlook Error

Microsoft Outlook has become smarter over time and has multiple security features to safeguard your personal data including email id, name, email messages, attachments, and all. If you are getting Outlook error [pii_email_abafcc5c9ecd7e483ccb] and looking for a solution, this is having everything you need to know to fix the error [pii_email_abafcc5c9ecd7e483ccb].


PII represents Personally Identifiable Information which can be your name, email id, email messages and any other information that can be used to track you. If Microsoft Outlook thinks any of the above information is compromised, it is highly likely that you will get [pii_email_abafcc5c9ecd7e483ccb] error while accessing Outlook.

There can be multiple reasons for [pii_email_abafcc5c9ecd7e483ccb] Outlook Error which are mostly related to security risks. Here are a few reasons which can trigger this error.

  1. You are having duplicate accounts configured in Microsoft Outlook.
  2. The email account credentials are shared over different Outlook setups.
  3. A possible hack of the Outlook or malware attack.

How to fix [pii_email_abafcc5c9ecd7e483ccb] error:

If you are receiving this error, the first thing you need to understand is that there is a possibility that your account is compromised and there is unauthorized access to your email account.

These are the steps you should follow in order to get rid of the [pii_email_abafcc5c9ecd7e483ccb] error.

1. Change your email account password:

Keeping the security risks in mind, the first action from your side should be to change your password immediately. Since almost all applications, be it intranet or internet consume email id for login. Changing the password will make sure the unauthorized person can’t access your account further.

Restart Outlook and check if the error is gone. If you are still facing the error, follow step #2.

2. Remove your duplicate account:

There is a possibility that you have configured duplicate accounts in Outlook. If there are duplicate accounts configured, remove the duplicate account to fix [pii_email_abafcc5c9ecd7e483ccb] Outlook error.

3. Log out from all devices:

The simplest approach would be to log out from all devices where you have configured the email account in Outlook to get rid of the error. While this activity can be cumbersome, you can resolve the error.

4. Contact Microsoft support:

If none of the above steps helped you in fixing the Outlook error, your last resort should be to contact the Microsoft support team and let them troubleshoot and help you fix the error.

That’s it about fixing the [pii_email_abafcc5c9ecd7e483ccb] Outlook error. Let us know in the comments which step helped you fixing the error or if there are any other way you followed to resolve the issue that will help other fellow readers.


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