How to Record Calls Automatically in Redmi 12

This post we know how to record calls automatically in redmi 12 new model. After complete process your all calls are automatic recorded and where you find these recording audio.

What is Auto Call Recording in Redmi 12

Xiaomi Redmi 12 smartphones have a built-in “Auto Call Recording” feature in the MIUI custom Android-based operating system settings. that allows you to automatically record all incoming and outgoing phone calls without having to manually initiate recording for each call. The Auto Call Recording feature is simply found in the phone’s dialer app. below we discuss how to unable automatic call recording.

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How to Activate Record Calls Automatically in Redmi 12

Here are few general steps to activate automatic call recording on Redmi 12 device:


(1) Open the Phone App: Go to main menu and open “Phone app”.

Record Calls Automatically in Redmi 12


(2) Look for the settings options in right side upper the phone dial screen.


(3) In screen appears “Call Recording” select this.


(4) Then click “Record Calls Automatically” and active the call recording setting.

After these steps complete your device automatically call recording is activate. If want to deactivated this setting please follow below instructions.

How to Deactivated Automatically call Recording in Redmi 12

To deactivate automatic call recording on Redmi 12 smartphone running MIUI, you can follow these steps.

(1) Go to main menu and Open the Phone App on your Redmi 12.

(2) Look for the setting icon in right side upper with in the phone app.

(3) Within the settings menu, find the option “call recording” tap this.

(4) Then you see “Automatically Call Recording” Option then click it and disabled the setting.

After disabling automatic call recording, the feature should be turned off.

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