A Quick way to Hide/Show File Extension in Windows 10

You may need to hide or show file extension in Windows 10 if you are using a computer as your day to day activities. A file extension (represented by a dot and extension type) specifies the file type of the object.

I will share 2 simple ways to hide and show file extensions in Windows 10 along with how to change the file extension.

Show file extensions in Windows 10:

Way #1:

  1. Open any folder on your computer.
    In my case, I have opened a folder where I have some sample files. By default, Windows does not show file extensions.
    files without extension in Windows 10

  2. Under the “View” tab, select the checkbox for “File name extensions”.
    Show File Extension in Windows 10

That’s it. The file extensions appear as below.
file extension in Windows 10

To hide file extensions, you can un-check the “File name extensions” option.

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Way #2:

  1. Open Run by pressing “Windows+R”.
  2. Type “control folders” and click on OK.
    control folders command
  3. File Explorer Options window opens.
    Under the “View” tab, uncheck the option “Hide extensions for known types”.
    Hide extensions for known file types

This option is applicable for all versions of Windows.

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There are other ways to display file extensions as well, like modifying the registry and changing the group policy(works for Windows 7).

If you can show file extensions in 2-3 easy steps, why to go for complicated options. I hope this will be helpful to you.

Happy learning 🙂 

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