How to Show Line Numbers in Eclipse IDE

If you are a developer and using Eclipse, then you will need to show line numbers in Eclipse. This will be really helpful to navigate and debug the code.

There are two ways to display line numbers in Eclipse IDE and these steps work for all versions of Eclipse, be it Helios, Kepler, Neon, or any other version.

Method 1:

  1. Go to Windows → Preferences.
  2. Under General → Editors → Text Editors, select the checkbox “Show line numbers”.
    Show line numbers in Eclipse IDE

  3. Press OK to save the changes.

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Method 2:

  1. Open any source file in the Eclipse IDE.
  2. Right-click anywhere on the left bar and click on “Show Line Numbers”.
    Display Line Numbers in Eclipse

This is how you can show line numbers in the Eclipse editor.

Eclipse IDE is widely used among JAVA developers. If you are using Eclipse IDE for the first time, let me tell you this editor is loaded with many advanced features to increase efficiency while coding. Being a professional developer, you need to display line numbers while coding to use Eclipse in a better way.

Showing line numbers in Eclipse IDE makes life of a developer easier to navigate between code snippets.

Eclipse IDE is free and open source integrated development environment and the contributors are individuals across the globe. Due to its popularity, there are huge number of plug-ins available in the eclipse marketplace to provide more advanced feature or ease of use.

Check-out the various plugins available here.

Being a free tool, the Eclipse organization is driven by community support and donations to make this awesome tool available for everyone without any cost. The editor goes has gone through multiple editions and the 2020 version is the latest.

The eclipse editor has the capability for almost all types of coding languages, thus making it the preferred free open-source IDE among the developer community.

Happy learning :).

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