Tricks & Suggestions for Choosing Best Web Browser

Nowadays, people spend most of their time online browsing the web for different purposes – education, entertainment, or employment. Selecting the best web browser can cut down the waiting times by improving the browsing speed significantly. In this article, we will elaborate on the best tips for choosing the right web browser. 

All the web browsers mentioned in this article are fairly reliable and offer a good user experience. If you are finding difficulties in installing an internet browser or encounter some performance issues, check if your disk is full because lack of storage could be one of the causes.

Other than disk issues, it is also important to note how many system resources an internet browser has access to. Finally, there is a possibility of malware on your device. Keep the mentioned problems in mind while you are testing these internet browsers.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the popular browsers that are compatible to run over multiple operating systems and devices. With a catalog of extensions, aesthetic interface, and global dominance, Google tops the chart of web browsers. 

Chrome is fast, stable, and works flawlessly on all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, with new features and extensions released frequently. Removing browser extensions is easier in Google Chrome, and even new users can do it easily. 

Synchronization is best in Google Chrome, and you can start from where you left off with sync bookmarks and tabs. The integrated Password Manager syncs seamlessly with Google accounts across devices. 

Apple Safari

Apple’s default web browser, Safari, is considered to be the fastest browser for Macs, MacBooks, iPad, iPhones, or iPod Touch. Being one of the best browsers, it allows you to switch excellently from your Mac to iPhone and other devices. 

In terms of security, Safari seems to lead the competition, and you do not need to tweak any settings to get top-notch privacy. It automatically blocks ads and trackers that otherwise ruin the user experience. 

It warns the user about insecure websites and carefully watches extensions to provide the best-in-class security. If you are using Safari, rest assured that your Mac or iPhone is as secure as possible while you are browsing the web. 

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is another leading player with strong privacy features and a plethora of customization features. The credit goes to its wider collection of add-ons and extensions; however, Firefox is a little slow in comparison to its competition. 

If you are a Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, or Linux user, Mozilla Firefox is for you. With syncing capabilities, you can take your browsing information along wherever you go. It allows you to work efficiently while boosting your productivity. 

Firefox integrates a built-in password manager named Firefox Lockwise. You may use the native password manager as a standalone application on the smartphone to view the saved account details of frequently used applications. 

Microsoft Edge

Cross-platform browser is built on Chromium, the framework behind the popular web browser Chrome. It claims to offer top-notch compatibility, performance, and privacy tools for delivering an exceptional user experience across devices. 

Microsoft Edge comes pre-installed in Windows systems, but it is compatible to run over macOS, iOS, and Android devices. Edge works seamlessly with all sorts of extensions that are available on the Google Chrome Store. 

Edge is a complete package of powerful features that allows organizing tabs or downloading websites to access or run as standalone apps for better efficiency. You don’t have to compromise with the Edge’s faster speed to access all these features. 


Opera comes with many powerful features, and one of these incredible features includes the lighter size of the browser. It does not consume much CPU resources and runs amazingly efficiently with comparatively lower processing power. 

You can boost your privacy in Opera by blocking apps browsing privately or using a free built-in VPN. It helps you hide your online activities just effortlessly from the internet providers.

It allows you to keep your identity under the hood while allowing you access to region-blocked content. The built-in Crypto Wallet allows users to keep track of the cryptocurrencies by keeping note of the savings and spendings. 


Brave is a web browser that allows you to view your content without any ads or interruptions. It’s simply designed to block ads and trackers so that the users can enjoy an unmatched multimedia viewing journey. 

By blocking ads, you can save a lot of valuable time as it allows you to download websites faster, using fewer resources than usual. Tor in Brave allows you to hide your browsing history and keep things private. 

If you are looking for a faster, secure, and efficient browser, Brave is the one you should try. Since the app allows blocking ads and trackers, you can enjoy watching videos for longer hours as you do not have to compromise with quality or resolution. 
While installing any of these web browsers, if you find any kind of network connection problem, you must check your WiFi connection. Alternatively, contact your internet service provider if you are getting unreliable speed while surfing the net.

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