The Correct Way to Enable or Disable Firefox Auto-update

A word of caution: It is not recommended to disable Firefox auto-update as you may miss out latest security patches or any new features from Mozilla. 

But if you need to turn off auto-update in Mozilla Firefox, here is a step by step guide to do it.

  1. Type about:config in the URL bar
  2. Click on the “Accept the Risk and Continue” on the warning page.
    Firefox auto-update warning message
  3. In the config search box, search for preference.
  4. Double click on the preference to turn on or turn off Firefox auto-update.
    Also, you can click on the Toggle button to enable or disable updates in Firefox as well.
    Disable Firefox auto-update

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Note: If you need to enable the automatic updates in Firefox, follow the above steps and turn the auto-update on.

This is the working and recommended method to enable or disable Firefox auto-update.

Happy learning 🙂

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