Everything about prevNext: MODX Add-On

This article covers everything you need to know prevNext add-on including what it does and how you can download it for your website.

What is prevNext?

If you are a website developer, then this MODX add-on is for you. On websites, generally we post number of posts to share information related product, processes or services. If you have more than one post on your website, then how will you allow users to navigate between different posts? Either you can provide list of posts as index in the sidebar or you can give link of other posts below the current post. This solves your problem.

But let me tell you, there is another simple solution to provide pagination for all your posts. You can give just two links below your current post and i.e. Previous and Next. These links will act as a buttons for user to navigate between previous and next page.

That’s what exactly prevNext add-on does. It gives you to two options Next and Previous below your post for easier navigation to previous and next posts.

Continue reading this article to know about different aspects of prevNext add-on.

How to download prevNext?

Downloading the prevNext add-on is very simple. You can visit official website of MODX or you can click on below link which will directly take you to official download page of prevNext add-on.


prevNext add-on

Size of the installable in only 42KB and the add-on is very lightweight and easy to use.

How to call?


prevNext functions:

Along with the basic previous and next functions, prevNext is loaded with multiple different functions for your needs as mentioned below.

  • &sort
  • &includeHidden
  • &prevPrefix
  • &nextPrefix
  • &tvPrefix
  • &tpl
  • &css
  • &includeTVs
  • &includeTVList
  • &processTVs
  • &processTVList
  • &parents
  • &toArray
  • &toPlaceholder

Release and License information of the prevNext:

PrevNext is developed by goldsky. prevNext’s first version was released in August 2014 and its latest version is prevnext-1.0.1 which was released on March 2016. The add-on comes under GPL v3 license.

Please visit official website MODX to get more information about the prevNext add-on.


We hope this article was informative and you are able to download and use MODX add-on prevNext. Please share your experience in the comment section with your experience.


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