How To Create A Video Slideshow With Photos, Text, And Music

Memories are something that always brings a wide smile and tears of joy on our faces. They take us back in time and make us relive it in our imagination and thoughts. With technology reaching its peak with AI and Machine Learning, one such remarkable invention made in the field of creative designing is a slideshow maker that serves as a medium to make creative slideshow videos in just a few minutes combining photographs and personalized captions and music. Therefore, before jumping on to learn how a slideshow video is created, let us check what purpose serves the best to create it and by whom it can be done.

Create Video slideshow with photos

What is the purpose behind creating a video slideshow?

With applications/software, like Animoto, Adobe, Smilebox, Kapwing, Biteable, Clideo, Canva, and more, you create an incredible slideshow video and gift it on festivals and celebrations. They can be given on any occasions such as graduation, birthdays/anniversaries, or some very personal events, like weddings, funerals, retirement parties, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, Friendships Day, etc. A slideshow video acts as a flashback from the past. It can also be made for practical purposes, such as teaching students, briefing teachers, in school projects, as a sales video or social media content for business houses as a digital marketing tool.

Who all can make a Slideshow Video?

Making a slideshow video neither requires prior technological know-how, nor professional knowledge of any slideshow video-making application. Making a slideshow video from scratch is a very simple process and requires just a series of instructions followed to the point. These series of instructions are the essence or crux of this article, which we have explained below in detail. These apply to all applications that have a slideshow video feature. 

Steps To Create A Video Slideshow With Photos, Texts, And Music

Step 1 – Open your chosen video slideshow software on your browser.

On your web browser, go to the website of the video slideshow software that you have selected to create your slideshow video.

Step 2 – On its website sign-up with a new account for free

Once you have successfully opened the website of your chosen video slideshow software, first you have to create a new account for free to register yourself and use its services. You have the choice to either sign-up using your Facebook account or your email address. Here, you also need to choose the product type, i.e., the type of video you want to create, like business purposes, educational use, or any personal event.

Step 3 – Click on the option “Start from Beginning,” i.e., from scratch.

Upon successful login into your chosen invitation maker or video slideshow website, you will see a collection of pre-built “Storyboards,” which you can go through. But, since you are a beginner in this, we will advise you to make a video from scratch for which you have to click on the option “Start from Scratch.”

Step 4 – Make your video personalized by choosing the video style of your choice.

These video slideshow websites have wonderful, high-quality video styles from which you can choose the one that best suits your video’s theme. Browse through all the available video style samples and pick the most effective one. For your information, later at the advanced stages of video creation, you will have the liberty to change the video style to sync with the overall video result. Multiple copies of your slideshow video can also be made using different video styles.

Step 5 – Select either Square or Landscape Format.

You will get the option to choose between landscape and square format, which must be decided to keep in mind the platform on which your video will be viewed. A landscape format is preferred if you wish to view the video on YouTube or widescreen television. It also looks good on websites. Whereas, a square format is suitable for social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Step 6 – It’s time to upload your favorite photos and videos to your slideshow video.

Adding your favorite photographs and videos are the main portions of the whole video slideshow making process. Simply drag and drop the file that contains all the photographs/videos from your desktop/laptop/smartphone. You can also select one from their wide range of stock photos and videos, which are mostly free to use. Photos, whose longest edge is of minimum 2000 pixels must be used, whereas, for video uploading, HD quality is a great option.  

Step 7 – Addition of images (and/or videos) to your slideshow

In the slideshow area of your chosen website, drag and drop the photos and/or videos that you want to add in your slideshow video. Depending on the website’s settings, you will have three ways to drag and drop the photos and videos of your choice, i.e., one at the time, or some at a time, or all at a time. 

Step 8 – Insert special blocks to add personalized texts, quotes, or collages.

Though optional, you can add special blocks of personalized messages, quotes, or even collages to make your video more personal, attractive, and emotional. Such special blocks stand out as the highlighting element of your video.

 Step 9 – Preview your video.

At this stage of the process, it is smart to preview the video slideshow you have made so far, to look at how much you fared in making it up to the standards and determine the possibilities/areas of changes. In this preview step, you will learn about the changes you wish to make in the video, like moving or replacing the photos and special blocks around, altering the color and font style of the text entered, changing the music, adjusting the timings of each photo/video, etc.

Remember that every time you hit the preview tab, the slideshow video that will run will be a low-resolution version. This is intended to assist you in deciding the best video style, text, photos/video, and music before you publish your video slideshow publically. You can preview your slideshow for an unlimited number of times while creating it.   

Step 10 – Replace, or re-adjust, or move around your added stuff.

As simple as drag and drop, at this stage, you are free to move or re-arrange any block or item, i.e., photos, text, or videos as per your wish. At any time during the editing process, the preview option can be clicked to check how the changes are coming along.

Step 11 – Adjusting the time of each photo/video or block.

Mainly, each website has its default duration for which each photo would appear in the video, for example, 3-5 seconds, which obviously can be increased or decreased as per your requirements. It is prudent to increase the time limit of group photos and texts so that your viewers get enough time to identify each person in the photo and to read and understand the whole message in a sufficient amount of time.

Step 12 – Adding/Changing music in your video.

Every slideshow video making websites have listed hundreds of license-free songs on their websites for you to choose from that will help you instill an aura and create an emotion in your video slideshow. Depending on the mood you want to bring into your video, you have to decide what type and which song you wish to add to your slideshow so that the viewers can connect with it.

To add music to your video, click on the “Add Music ” option on the website, after which you will be directed to the full list of license-free music. You can also choose your favorite music from your desktop/smartphone/laptop on which you are making this video, in case you do not like any of the songs on the website’s list.

Step 13 – Option to make further changes in your video style

If you feel that your video lacks in style or looks dull, you can change its style and add a new style element to give it an appealing look. Out of all the slides, if you wish to change anything in just a few of them, you can easily do so by going to that particular slide where you want to make changes and click on the ”Edit” button. A text that is entered on a photo can also be edited while you’re on that slide. 

Step 14 – Produce your slideshow video.

Once you are pleased with the final video, you must not hesitate to “Produce” your slideshow video. As soon as you click the “Produce” button, a small window will pop up on your screen, asking you to give a suitable title to your slideshow video and other information. As soon as you have entered all the details, hit the “Finish” button, and save your video for sharing. Even after producing the slideshow, you can definitely go back to the video and make desirable changes and reproduce the same.

Step 15 – Finally, Share Your Video Slideshow with Your Loved Ones

When your video has been produced successfully, you will see multiple sharing options, like downloading or embedding onto your blog or sharing on social media platforms. 

Watermark on the video that you have made can only be removed if you subscribe to any of its paid plans. So, if you wish to remove the watermark, you need to choose a paid plan depending on your future needs.

We hope you found this guide useful. For more such tips and ideas on video making, follow our page and get regular updates.

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