50 Important Turbo C++ Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

If you are a developer especially working in C or C++ language using Turbo C++, then this Turbo C++ Keyboard Shortcuts post is for you. In case, you are using Turbo C++ these days, this article will help you increase your coding efficiency as a C/C++ developer by using these commonly used keyboard shortcuts keys.

Before we start with the shortcuts, if you are not aware about Turbo C++ here is a brief introduction to Turbo C++.

Turbo C++:

Turbo C ++ is one of the oldest IDE for C and C++ programming languages. It was developed by Borland and its first official version was released in 1990. As I said, it’s a pretty old IDE for C/C++and it is developed based on technologies available during that time. The programmers today, generally prefer new IDE’s such as Visual Studio and Eclipse over Turbo C++. These new IDE’s are user friendly and provides more functionalities than the old school Turbo C++. Still, we know some of the programmers who still prefer to use Turbo C++ for program development.

The Turbo C++ IDE is not user friendly like the modern ones and does not support some of the Windows functionalities, or you can say Windows keyboard shortcuts.

If you still want to use this IDE for program development, then it’s up to you. In this article, we have listed 50 important Turbo C++ shortcut keys that will definitely make your life easy as a C/C++ developer.

Turbo C++ keyboard shortcuts keys:

Sl. No.Shortcut KeyFunction
1Alt + 0Open list of all available files
2Alt + COpen Compile menu option
3Alt + DOpen Debug menu option
4Alt + EOpen Edit menu option
5Alt + FOpen File menu options
6Alt + F1Go to Previous topic
7Alt + F3Close the opened file
8Alt + F4Inspect
9Alt + F5Open User screen / Output Screen
10Alt + F7Go to previous error
11Alt + F8Go to next error
12Alt + F9Compile your code
13Alt + HOpen Help menu options
14Alt + OOpen Options menu option
15Alt + POpen Project menu option
16Alt + ROpen Run menu option
17Alt + SOpen Search menu option
18Alt + WOpen Window menu option
19Alt + XQuit Turbo C++ compiler
20Alt + BkspUndo your changes
21Alt + Shift + BkspRedo your changes
22Alt + EnterEnter or Exit from Full Screen Mode
23Ctrl + DeleteDelete selected code
24Ctrl + F1Topic Search
25Ctrl + F2Reset opened program
26Ctrl + F3Call Stack
27Ctrl + F4Evaluate or Modify expression
28Ctrl + F5Size/Move
29Ctrl + F7Add watch
30Ctrl + F8Toggle between breakpoints
31Ctrl + F9Run your code
32Ctrl + InsCopy the selected code
33Ctrl + LSearch selected string
34Ctrl + NAdd new line in the code
35Ctrl + SSave the program
36Ctrl + YDelete Line
37F1Open Help Window
38F2Save File
39F3Open Saved File
40F4Go to cursor
41F5Zoom In
43F7Trace Into
44F8Step over while running the code
46F10Go to menu options
47Shift + DeleteCut selected code
48Shift + InsPaste copied code
49Shift + F1Open Turbo help index
50WindowsExit from Turbo C++

The above list of Turbo C++ keyboard shortcuts are the most commonly used ones used by the developer. Being a developer, I understand the pain of going to the tool menu and click on the functionality and this list is the result of my experience with Borland Turbo C++ :).

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In this article, you have learned about the most commonly used Turbo C++ shortcut keys that can be very useful while using the IDE for program development in either C or C++ language. We hope this article is informative and helpful in your development activities.

Do share your experience with the keyboard shortcuts or you just read the article and implemented in your programming activities and how it helped you, in the comment section. If you want to contact us, you can do so using our contact us form.

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