Save not adding file extension in Notepad++? Steps to change the default save extension.

You might have encountered this Notepad++ issue while saving any file with some extension. If you try to save a text file in the new releases of Notepad++, you might end up saving a text file as a file without extension by default.

E.g. Notes.txt might get saved as Notes with “.txt” extension missing.

Notepad++ issue while saving file

The Save option resulted in a file without any extension making it unusable.

Save not adding file extension in Notepad++

If you want to save them as .txt by default without giving any extension explicitly, you can override the default extension mentioned in the Save window.


  • Search for Notepad++ by pressing the Windows button
  • Right-click on Notepad++ and Run as administrator
Notepad++ Run as administrator
  • Navigate to the path Settings -> Preferences -> Default Directory
  • Uncheck the “Use new style dialog(without file extension feature & Unix style path capacity)”
Notepad++ preferences default directory

Once you make this change in the Notepad++ preference, the Save As dialog will have .txt extension by default as shown below

I hope it fixed the extension issue while saving in Notepad++.

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Happy learning 🙂

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